Haikou Water Park_Hainan water world_Hainan Water Park_Wild water world in Haikou, Hainan
 From thrilling slides like the Vortex and Half Pipe to our chilled out attractions like our Rainforest River and Leisure Lagoon, there’s something for everyone at Wet’n’Wild Haikou.

360 Rush

Not for the faint hearted, the 360Rush will have you shaking in your swimmers as you climb six stories to race side-by-side against your friends in a duelling 360 degree looping water slide!

45kg – 136kg             >122cm

Super 8 Aqua Racer

Challenge your friends and family to race you down the Super 8 Aqua Racer. As the start signal moves from red to green get ready to slide head first on this thrilling eight lane water race course! Don’t forget to check out your finish time 

<136kg            >110cm


The Vortex is the most iconic slide at Wet’n’Wild Haikou, towering over 30 metres high! Get ready for plenty of wall time but riders beware, this feisty Vortex will swish you from side to side and might just push you over the edge!

454kg per tube (3-6 riders)             >110cm

Half Pipe

The Half Pipe features a steep drop that takes 3-6 riders up a near vertical wall for a moment of weightlessness before zooming back down into the splash pool! This Half Pipe provides big thrills in circular tube for up to 6 friends so you can share laughter with your friends and family.

454kg per tube (3-6 riders)             >110cm


Take on the Typhoon with a series of twists, turns and hardcore oscillations. You’ll be rushed into the middle of the typhoon with an unexpected fast-near vertical incline up the walls . This slide will have you yelling for more!

270kg per tube (2-4 riders)             >110cm

The Twister

Prepare to be launched into the large cavernous slide on The Twister where multiple forces will keep you riding high on the wall for several rotations before you are sucked through the centre continuing your journey into a dark enclosed tunnel before splashing down in the final run out.

180kg per tube (2 riders)(2人)            >122cm

Mammoth Falls

Mammoth Falls will have you screaming for more as you take tight 360 degree turns from the top all the way to the twisted bottom with a waterfall of water chasing as you go!

180kg per tube (2 riders)            >122cm


This adrenaline pumping high speed slide is fully enclosed and will send you hastily down the tower, around turns and up the walls of the slide towards the pool below, giving you the ultimate feeling!

180kg per tube (2 riders)            >122cm

Water Rockets

The Water Rockets will send you on a gravity-defying adventure that will get your adrenaline pumping! It’s the world’s first uphill water coaster, using advanced water technology to power riders through a gravity defying experience! The Water Rockets are the next generation experience in water park fun!

181kg per tube (2 riders)            >110cm

The Barrel

The Barrel, the be all and end all of surfing. This awesome tube slide will have you racing against the water with sharp turns, high speeds and a whole lot of fun.

<136kg            >122cm

Wipe Out

Will you survive the ultimate Wipe Out on this gravity defying speed slide at up to 40kph as your race down towards a wall of water. This slide is not for the faint-hearted, only those brave enough to face the Wipe Out .

<136kg            >122cm

Free Fall

Brace yourself for speeds of up to 40kph as you free fall and defy gravity. With a giant drop and streams of white wash, this slide is calling all water park speed freaks.

<136kg            >122cm

The Dragon’s Back

Take on real hardcore conditions on the Dragon’s Back. These four slides will give you a different ride experience on each one as you ride with up to four of your friends!

364kg (3-4 riders)             >122cm