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Designed especially for kids, Wet’n’Wild Junior features an enormous Splash House in a complete kid-friendly zone for our little Wet’n’Wilders.

Splash House

The ultimate Wet’n’Wild zone for juniors is the massive and interactive Splash House with six kid-friendly water slides including miniature versions of our larger thrill slides, a giant tipping bucket, watersprays and more!

90kg – 136kg             91cm – 122cm

Mini Jetstream

This adrenaline pumping high speed slide is a scaled down version of the Jetstream. The little ones will enjoy twists and turns as they slide towards the pool below, giving them the ultimate rush.

<182kg per tube(2 riders)            >91cm

Mini Rapid

Located in our Wet’n’Wild Junior Zone, The Mini Rapid is suitable for our smallest visitors, giving them a taste of the our big thrill slides with little drops and white water!

<90kg             >91cm

Mini Aqua Racer

The biggest little slide at Wet’n’Wild! A scaled down version of the Super 8 Aqua Racers where the kids can embrace the race and beat their friends!

<91kg             >91cm

The Mini Twisters

These Mini Twisters may be smaller versions of our adult slides but they are just as much fun! With right turns and drops, kids will be screaming for more as they make their way down to the windy bottom!

<91kg per slide            >91cm

Wet’n’Wild Junior

Wet’n’Wild Junior Splash Pools are the coolest area for youngsters to hang out and swim. With lifeguard supervision and an area for parents to watch, this is the best place to chill out, meet new friends and make amazing memories while on vacation or visiting the park.

Adult Supervision Required           >91cm